Electroless Nickel Plating
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Cost Reduction

How can you cut costs?

  • Converting rack processes to CTI precision barrel processing. Because of the flexibility of our lines we are able to convert many jobs from rack plating to barrel. More uniform coveage is an addtional benefit due to the lack air entrapment that can occur on a rack. Cost savings for these conversions are 20-50% of traditional rack plating costs.
  • Re-design of parts with customers so that a rack part could be now processed in a precision barrel process. Increased throughput by 38%. Call to hear the details of this application.  It was surprisingly simple and could apply to many threaded applications.
  • The ability to load our tanks at higher loading levels than coventional chemistry can provide additional economic benefits.
  • Composite or Duplex coatings as an alternative to conventional single deposit coatings.
  • Dedicated lines to maximize economies of scale, so the right line is being used for the right load size.
  • A long narrow part, 9" x .250 diameter, was being rack plated. The CTI precision barrel process with controlled barrel rotation allowed for this part to be barrel plated without any distortion or bending of the part. $Savings!
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