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Sulfamate Nickel
  • 99.9% pure nickel deposit. Ideal for applications that require a high temperature bake.
  • Maximum ductility. Sulfamate plating has higher elongation, 134%, without stress cracking or deformation.
  • Excellent corrosion resistance. Great corrosion resistance due to the purity of the deposit, density, and deposit structure.
  • Solderable deposit.

Sulfamate Nickel is a process in which the plating is a 99.999% pure nickel deposit. It is both functional and useful for many engineering applications.

The properties of this deposit include; high temperature resistance, high tensile strength, superior ductility and elongation without stress cracking or deformation, excellent corrosion resistance and is a machinable as well as solderable Deposit. The two major downfalls of Sulfamate Nickel are it’s “lackluster” appearance and poor thickness consistency when compared to Electroless Nickel.

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