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Nickel PTFE Processes
  • Maximum lubricity of a deposit. The CTI/PTFE process is an electroless nickel phosphorous coating that incorporates polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) as occluded particles throughout the deposit.

  • Ideal for sliding applications. The deposit produces low friction values, especially in applications where sliding wear is present, and the wear mechanism is induced by light, well distributed loads.

  • Superior corrosion resistance. It is the hydrophobic characteristics of the nickel PTFE deposit that give it superior corrosion resistance. Corrosive solutions do not readily adhere to the surface.

  • Application benefits of Nickel PTFE include; Long life lubrication for inaccessible parts. Allows for increased efficiency and quieter operation for slides, bearings and cylinder/piston assemblies. Extends the reliable operation of moving parts when continuously exposed to solvents or working in cryogenic temperatures. Self-lubrication for components in electronic and other sensitive equipment where conventional lubricants are contaminates.

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