Electroless Nickel Plating
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Component Technologies Inc. - Newington, CT

  • 8 plating lines. Two automated lines, and 6 semi-automated lines plating Electroless nickel and Sulfamate plating.
  • Electroless nickel/Teflon.
  • 25,000 square foot facility including 8,000 square feet of temperature controlled parts storage area.
  • Solvent degreasing and alkaline cleaning.
  • Ultrasonic cleaning line.
  • Solvent Drying System that produces spot free and stain free finishes.
  • Research & Development - 2 chemists on staff - combined 75 years plating experience at management level.
  • Off the grid - our power is generated by a cogeneration system which is independent of local utilities.
  • Quality Assurance Equipment including 2 - X-ray fluorescence thickness tester, atomic absorption, flatness testing and inspection, complete wet lab analysis, and any part specific adhesion testing equipment.

Component Technologies Inc., is affiliated with CTech Metal Finishing, - Hinesville, GA. We share resources with each other but operate as separate companies.

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