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Electroless Nickel Plating

Electroless nickel plating information, please also see the properties of electroless nickel page.

  • Uniform thickness of the deposit. Electroless nickel produces deposits that are uniform in thickness compared to conventional electrolytic plating. Electrolytic deposits can have up to a 300% variation in thickness on a part, whereas the Electroless deposit has a variation of 10% or less.
  • As plated hardness of 46-48-Rockwell C. This process can be post treated to increase hardness to 55-58 Rockwell C hardness.
  • Lubricity of the deposit. Electroless nickel, because of the phosphorous that is co-deposited, is more lubricious than conventional electrolytic plating. This can ease secondary assembly operations and wear in light loading applications.
  • Electrloess Nickel plating is itís superior corrosion resistance in a vast array of end application environments. The Phosphorous content is the major component to consider when selecting EN deposits. Environment, corrosion resistance, thickness and finished component tolerances should all be considered when selecting the appropriate EN finish.
  • Duplex coatings can offer additional corrosion and wear resistance that exceed conventional coatings.
  • Magnetic properties of CTI electroless nickel. Our Electroless nickel formulations have a range of magnetic properties to meet you applications needs.
  • Coloring of CTI electroless nickel. This deposit can be post treated to differentiate it from other finishes, and is frequently used to identify parts that are identical in dimension but have different applications.
  • Solderable coatings. We provide a wide variety of phosphorous levels and can produce a deposit to meet the soldering properties you require.
  • Coatings that can be brazed or welded. Our extensive background in engineered coatings allows us to match the needs of your application with the appropriate electroless nickel deposit.
  • Electroless Nickel Plating - Click here for more information.
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