Electroless Nickel Plating
Electroless Nickel Plating Help
Improve Efficiency 

How can you improve efficiency?

  • Electroless nickel as an alternative to other plated finishes. One customer was using a zinc plate for corrosion resistance but parts were sticking together in the chromate causing rejects. We reduced the thickness of the deposit, did not require a chromate, and eliminated the rejects. Plating costs were more expensive, but we eliminated manual sorting and a 15-20% reject rate, was eliminated.
  • Since we document both Lot control and Loat control through our process, all loads can be identified through the manufacturing process should a defect be found, and just that load can be isolated,rather than isolating the complete lot.
  • 7 lines with a variety of barrel and tank size capacity to match the needs of the customer rather than trying to have one line fit all needs.
  • Call our technical specialists to review your requirements for an cost assessment for your specific plating application. All you shall need is your finished part weight, material, phos content, and thickness.
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